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The Benefits of Installing Window Awnings on Your Property

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If you have just had new windows installed, you may be considering installing window awnings. Window awnings provide a wide range of features. Below is a guide to some of the benefits of investing in window awnings. Window awnings offer protection from the sun and rain An awning can help to keep your windows in the shade. During the heat of an Australian summer, installing an awning can help to keep your home cool. As well as protecting your home from the heat of the sun, a window awning can also help you to cut your energy bill as you will spend a lot less air conditioning your home during the warmer months. By blocking sunlight from directly entering your home, a window awning can also help to prevent your treasured furniture and wallpaper from fading, prolonging its life. A window awning will also allow you to keep your windows open on rainy days by preventing water from hitting the window during a shower. Window awnings are easy to clean Window awnings are easy to clean and maintain. For most materials all you need to do is scrub them using warm soapy water and then rinse them with a hose pipe. You should then leave the awning fully extended so that it can dry before you return it to a closed position. If you fail to do this, the awning may become mouldy. Window awnings are easy to operate Whether they are retractable or fixed, window awnings are easy to operate and control. On a cold day, you may wish to retract a mobile awning to allow sunlight to enter the window and warm your home while on very hot days you may wish to extend them fully to shelter your home from the rays of the sun. A retractable awning can either be manually operated or controlled using an electronic remote control. Even if your awning is fixed, it can be unscrewed from the wall and stored in a shed or garage when it isn’t needed. Window awnings are available in a wide range of styles and materials Window awnings are manufactured using a wide range of different materials, such as canvas, wood and fibreglass. This means you can match your window awnings perfectly with the rest of your property. If you are choosing a window awning for commercial premises, you could also have the name of your business added to the awning. If you have any questions about window awnings, contact a company like IQ Shutters Pty...

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Things to Consider When Choosing Replacement Windows for Your Home

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You may want to replace the windows of your house for a wide range of reasons. Perhaps, your existing windows are damaged or maybe you just want to upgrade your old windows. If you are considering replacing your windows, you will need to consider some factors to find the perfect ones that will work better than the old windows. To help you, here are a few things you should consider when choosing replacement windows for your home. Look At the Glazing Energy efficiency is one of the things you should have in mind when selecting replacement windows for your home. This means that you will want to look at the glazing. If your old windows were single-glazed, you should consider replacing them with double-glazed ones. Besides, most replacement windows are often double-glazed. When choosing the double-glazed windows, look at energy efficiency ratings as well. This means you will be looking at things such as R-values and U-values. Also, look at special features such as noise control features, types of coatings, and the type of fill used between the double-glazed panels. Besides these, look for low-emissivity glasses. These are specialised glasses meant to reduce the amount of heat that can pass through. You should also consider impact resistant glasses. While this type of glass may crack on great impact, it won’t easily shatter or spread pieces of glass all over.  Consider the Climatic Conditions in Your Area The type of climate experienced in your region will also guide you on the best window material to choose. The type of material you choose will determine the longevity of the windows in that weather or climate. For instance, if your region experiences a wet climate, windows with metallic frames will work better than wooden frames. This is simply because wood is susceptible to wet weather. Dry climates offer you versatility in terms of the type of window materials you can choose. Other materials you may want to consider include vinyl and aluminium. Look At the Grid and Glass Options You should also look at the glass and grid options of the windows when buying them. Regardless of where you stay, grid and glass options can be customised to achieve maximum energy efficiency. The grid and glass options will include a wide range of things such as the number of panes on the windows, the type of glazing, or the type of fill used (for double-glazed...

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Three ways to add character to a new-build house

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Many people dream of owning a period property one day; this is largely because they tend to have the kind of unique features that make a house feel like a real home; things like marble fireplaces, bay windows and antique fixtures. However, for a lot of buyers, this type of property is simply not within their price range; instead, many tend to opt for new-builds, which are usually far less expensive. The problem with these houses is that they usually lack any distinguishing design features and so can be rather bland-looking. The good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do to make a new-build more visually interesting. Change the internal doors Switching up the internal doors can transform the appearance of a property. If, for example, you want to give your home that rustic, country-cottage feel, then ledge and brace doors made from timber are the perfect choice. You can take this look a step further by replacing the standard doorknobs with cast-iron handles. Alternatively, if you’re fortunate enough to have bought a house with solid-wood doors, then it might be wiser to simply give them a makeover, rather than replace them. In this case, sanding and re-painting them in a colour that is in keeping with your personal tastes is a fantastic way to inject some personality into your property.  Install a new window One of the most effective ways to make a lacklustre room more interesting is to have a leadlight fitted. As this source explains, leadlights are a type of decorative window, consisting of coloured panes of glass held in place by ‘came’ strips which are made from lead. The vivid hues and striking style of leadlights make them the ideal choice for anyone who wants to give their home a twist of originality. You can use almost any image and shade combination that you want; however, do bear in mind that highly complex patterns will probably be more expensive. Replace the fixtures and fittings Oftentimes, it’s the little details that make the greatest difference to the overall appearance of a room.  Something as simple as replacing a plastic light switch cover with a mosaic or antique brass cover can instantly give a room more character. Likewise, using copper curtain poles instead of drab wooden ones is an easy way to inject some personality into your space. Light fittings can also have a dramatic impact on how a house looks. Removing standard fittings and replacing them with, for example, an industrial pendant light or a vintage chandelier, can revamp even the drabbest of...

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2 European Innovations That Will Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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When it comes to creating energy efficient and low carbon emission housing, Europe has generally been miles ahead of the Australian market. Fortunately, a growing concern about the environment and the desire to reduce energy costs has allowed many European innovations to begin to appear in Australia. This is exciting news for Australian homeowners and for those who are planning to build a new home in the near future. Here are two effective and money-saving features that you may like to consider for your home. 1. Double glazed windows Double glazed windows have been in use for many years in European countries. They are beginning to appear more often on the Australian market and with good reason. Double glazing significantly reduces heat loss and heat gain through your home’s windows, which means an equally significant saving in heating and cooling costs. Double glazing works by using two panels of glass in each window casing instead of the single pane traditionally used in Australian homes. As well as the added insulation properties of the extra layer of glass, the space between the two panes also reduces the amount of heat transferred through the window. The glass is also coated with a specially designed film, which improves both the insulation properties and also makes the glass stronger and more durable. 2. Under-floor heating Under-floor heating is another innovation that is hugely popular in Europe but has been seriously underutilised in Australia in the past. However, its many benefits and eco-credentials mean that this type of heating system is becoming increasingly popular with Australians. Under-floor heating works by laying a network of hot water pipes in the concrete foundations of your home. As hot water flows through the pipes, the concrete heats up and gently warms your home from the ground up. Because heat rises, if your home’s ceiling is adequately insulated it will contain the heat beautifully and create a warm and pleasant internal environment even during the coldest winter weather. The main reason why this such an effective and low-cost way to heat your home is because of the thermal mass qualities of the concrete floor. In simple terms, this means that concrete holds heat for a longer time than most other building materials, so that even when your underfloor heating is switched off, the concrete will be passively warming your home. Using innovations such as these makes sense. Not only will your home be far more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, it will also cost you far less to heat and...

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Various Reasons to Get Skylight Windows for Your Home

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Skylights are weather resistant windows that are installed into the roof of your home. Over the years, they have garnered popularity with homeowners due to the various benefits that they afford your residence. Here are some of the reasons why purchasing these from skylight window manufacturers can benefit your home. Skylight windows increase the natural lighting of your home Homeowners typically know the premium placed on the amount of natural light that your residence receives. If you do not think you are getting enough natural light, skylight windows would be a great way to remedy this. The good news is that these can be installed on any part of the roof, thus ensuring that any room can receive the natural light. In addition, various benefits come with increasing the natural light of your home. For one, sunlight tends to be a mood enhancer; thus, the more natural light in the home, the lower the chances of being in a depressed mood. Increased natural light also decreases the amount of strain on your eyes. Lastly, increased natural light also means an increased exposure to vitamin D thus enhancing your overall health. Skylight windows maintain the energy efficiency of your home If you were looking to decrease your utility bills, then skylight windows would be an appropriate investment. The increased natural light in the home means the less you will need artificial illumination during the day. The more you maximize on the natural lighting around the home, the greater the decrease in your utility bills. In addition to this, skylights will also work toward maintaining the insulation of your home. This is because roofing contractors now incorporate rigid foam into their design, thus ensuring the shafts of the skylights are well insulated. The natural sunlight provides warmth for your home too, thus decreasing the need for round the clock heating during the colder months. Skylight windows increase the value of your home Although you may not be considering selling your property right away, it does not change the fact that skylight windows will increase the resale value of the property. This type of home improvement makes the most of both the exterior of your home as well as the interior. Thus, not only does it improve the curb appeal of the residence, but it also increases the comfort of the home. In addition to this, the benefits associated with energy efficiency as well as increased natural lighting all work toward increasing the value of the home. This makes skylight windows a good investment in case you end up having to put your home on the market down the...

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The Different Benefits of Opting For Stacker Doors

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Whether you are renovating your home or constructing a new one, it may be time to experiment with creative door options rather than sticking to your typical choices. Doors are not simply entryways into your residence. The right choice can also enhance the curb appeal of your residence while bringing a decorative element to your interior décor. One of the options that is increasing in popularity are stacker doors. Unlike regular doors that open and close via pulling and pushing a doorknob, these doors roll against each other much like sliding windows do. Here are some of the different benefits you stand to gain when you opt for stacker doors. You control the temperature in your residence One of the greatest advantages of stacker doors is that they enable you to cut down on your air conditioning needs. During the hot sweltering months, you can roll them all the way open to ensure maximum breeze is let into your home. This works toward keeping the temperature conducive without having to constantly use your air conditioning. Ultimately, this can also have a positive impact on your utility bills. In addition to this, stacker doors tend to seal tightly shut so they can also work toward keeping out the cold during the freezing winter months. You enhance the natural lighting in your home Even with windows in your home, you may still find yourself using artificial lighting during the day to illuminate your living space better. Depending on the location of your stacker doors, they can also work toward enhancing the amount of natural light that reaches your residence. Since you can open them up all the way, they let in much more light that conventional doors do, thus making your space seem like you have French windows installed rather than a simple doorway. If you are worried about insects, you can easily have a screen installed to keep the pets out without inhibiting your access to natural light. Stacker doors give the illusion of additional space Since these types of doors open sideways, they tend to give the illusion of more space. Additionally, they do not take up much space, thus giving you more floor space to do with as you wish. Due to the convenience of horizontal opening and closing, you will find that stacker doors also make it easier to gain access into your home, for instance, if your hands are full with grocery shopping, gym bags and...

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Glass Tinting | 3 Smart Tips for Cleaning Windows with Tint Films

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Glass tinting is an excellent addition to your windows because it protects the interiors of your home from UV ray damage, while preventing the sun’s glare and heat from entering your home. Besides blocking out the sun’s harsh rays, window tinting also gives you added privacy and reduces your energy bills. Cleaning tinted windows is trickier than you think, because the tint film is delicate and may get damaged if not done correctly. Here are some smart tips for carefully cleaning windows with glass tinting films. Stay Away from Harsh Chemical Products Do not use cleaning products with harsh chemical ingredients, especially if they contain higher amounts of ammonia. Ammonia and other chemicals can react to the tinting film, which can cause it to fade, discolour, stain and unravel from the glass window. Ammonia is also known to produce fumes that can irritate a person’s eyes, throat, nose and lungs. The best way to clean windows with glass tinting is to use a solution of mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. Use Soft Cleaning Equipment to Avoid Damage Lint-free soft cleaning cloths that do not leave any residue on the glass surface are best for cleaning windows with glass tinting. A soft window squeegee also works well for window tint films. You’ll want to stay away from newspaper, because leaking ink from the paper could stain the tint film permanently. If this happens, you’ll need to replace the glass tinting entirely. You’ll also want to stay away from scrub pads, rough paper towels and window scrapers. These products are abrasive and may cause scratches and other damage to the window tint film. Follow a Gentle Cleaning Technique Keep in mind that window films have a polished surface that is smoother than glass, so your cleaning process should be less rigorous, since the film needs much less elbow grease than the window glass. Use a wet lint-free cloth dipped in a soap water solution along the glass window and wipe down the surface gently from the top left to bottom right, making sure you cover every inch of the glass surface. Once you are satisfied with the look of the glass windows, use a soft squeegee to remove suds of water from the surface. Wipe the glass dry with a lint-free cloth, so water bubbles don’t dry up and cause stains on the surface. Cleaning windows with glass tinting isn’t difficult, but you need to pay careful attention to the process, so that you don’t damage the window tint...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Auto Windows

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An auto window tint is a thin film that is placed on your windows in order to make them darker than they are. You can tint your car windows yourself or hire a professional to tint them for you. This article discusses three compelling reasons why it is wise to tint your windows. Reduced Heat Window tints reduce how much light and heat is getting into your car while you drive or when it is parked. That reduction of heat reduces how much work your car air conditioner will have to do in order to cool the car interior. Plastic components like the dashboard will be less likely to fade if they are shielded by a window tint. Reduced Glare The glare from side windows can be very distracting as you drive because it interferes with your view ahead. Your eyes will strain to see clearly and you are likely to feel very tired if you drive in this condition for long (such as during an interstate drive). Window tints can reduce this glare so that your eyes do not suffer excessive strain. The tint reduces glare by reflecting most of the light that hits the windows so that the light will not cause glare problems as you drive. Better Security Car window tints make it hard for someone outside the vehicle to see what is inside. This can prevent opportunistic thieves who break into cars whose owners have left valuables like laptops in plain view (such as on hind seats) from targeting your car since they will not be sure whether anything valuable has been left inside it or not. Window tints can also prevent those windows from shattering in case there is an impact that breaks the windows. This is because the tint will hold onto the broken window fragments and stop them from hurting the occupants of your car. It is important to find out what the laws in your area say about window tinting before you tint your car. This is because law enforcement agencies have concerns about safety (for instance when an officer makes a traffic stop) so they may prescribe what kind of tints are acceptable. The easiest way to establish which tints are acceptable is to consult a tint professional from a business like Tint Centre as it’s part of their job to adhere to all applicable laws in the course of installing car window...

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2 Portable Ways to Summer-proof Your Rental Flat

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The rental market in many Australian cities is highly competitive and you may find you’re forced to take on a property that lacks all the essential summer mod-cons just to make sure that your family has a place to live. Some rental property owners are receptive to installing new items that the tenants feel are necessary to live comfortably during the warmer weather, but many are reluctant to spend money and negate the benefits of their financial investments. Likewise, many tenants are reluctant to pay for property improvements which will have to stay behind when they move on. Here are two summer weather essentials that you can use in your rental property and then take with you to your next home. 1. Magnetic fly screens Fly screens are essential if you want to keep out the flies, mosquitoes, and other creepy crawlies which are an unavoidable part of life. Many or all windows and doors in rental properties don’t have them which means you either have to live with the pests invading your home or keep the house shut up tight. This isn’t so bad in the winter months but during summer it can turn your home into an oven. Magnetic flyscreens are a great solution. They are custom made fly screens which can be attached easily to any metal door or window frame and removed just as easily. If your rental property has timber door and window frames, the magnetic fly screens also come with thin metal strips which can be attached to the frame. Learn more by consulting suppliers like Phantom Screens Perth. 2. Portable air conditioners Hard-wired air conditioning units are expensive to buy and install, and it’s very rare that a property owner will agree to a tenants requests for one. Fortunately, small free standing air-conditioning units have come a long way from the unsightly and noisy units that used to be available. Modern portable air conditioning units are sleek, virtually silent, and very efficient. They come in a variety of sizes so you can choose one which will effectively cool your living space without being too powerful. These units are excellent because you can easily move them from the living room to the bedroom when you go to bed at night for a cool and relaxing night’s sleep. Modern technology means that these smaller units are often far less expensive to run than the larger hard-wired models. Both of these items will make summer living far more bearable in your rental property. Although they will cost you some money, at least you can be assured that the monetary investment moves with you instead of adding value to someone else’s...

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How Do Ordinary Windows Differ from Energy Saving Windows?

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You may be wondering what differentiates ordinary windows from energy saving (insulating) windows. This article discusses the major differences between those two kinds of windows. Us this information to upgrade your windows to energy saving ones so that you enjoy the many benefits that energy saving windows have over ordinary windows. Number of Glass Layers The number of glass layers that a window has distinguishes ordinary windows from energy saving windows. Ordinary windows have only one layer of glass (single glazed) while energy saving windows have more than one layer of glass in them (double-glazed, triple-glazed or even quadruple-glazed). The more layers of glass a window has, the more energy it can conserve. This is because the layers of glass keep heat from getting into or out of the room. The added layers of glass also make it very hard for that glass to break since the combined strength of those layers can withstand most causes of broken windows, like a disoriented bird crashing into the window. Surface Coating Ordinary windows have no coating on their surface. They therefore do not reflect light; heat can easily get into or out of the room. Conversely, energy saving windows have a coating made from very thin metal so that once light strikes that surface then it is reflected. For instance, heat rays from outside during the summer will bounce off the windows and not penetrate into the room so the room will remain cool despite the intense heat outside. Window Frame Material Ordinary windows differ from energy saving windows when you consider the framing materials used. Special care is taken to use framing materials that are poor conductors of heat (such as fiberglass) when energy saving windows are being made. This reduces heat loss through the frame of the windows. Ordinary windows are made from any framing material such as steel or aluminum without any regard for the insulating ability of that material. The differences above explain why ordinary windows score poorly when their insulation abilities are considered while energy saving windows perform very well when their energy saving qualities are measured. It is therefore worth it to invest in energy saving windows for your home. The initial cost of buying them may be much higher than the cost of buying ordinary windows but the savings you make on your energy bills will pay for that installation in the end. If you are concerned about cost, consult various resources like Hi Point Windows to get a quote for local...

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